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    • I am a working woman, can I stay at The Nest Comfort PG
      Yes.We accomodate students as well as working professionals at our PG.
    • Can I bring my own Personal Toaster/Kettle etc
      You are advised NOT to bring your own personal toaster or kettle. As the overloading of power circuits may result in a fire risk.Students are prohibited from using all high powered electrical equipment in rooms e.g. heaters, kettles, irons, electric blankets, toasters, and cooking apparatus of any kind.
    • Is bed linen provided
      Yes.A bedsheet and a pillow is provided with each bed.
    • Who do I go to if I have a question
      The biggest plus of The Nest Comfort PG is that the owners reside at the PG and take the responsibility of each and every problem that you may come through, be it food related or house keeping related or your health related.You are free to communicate and meet them 24x7 for all your needs,requirements and problems.
    • Do you offer a discount
      No we dont offer discounts of any kind.
    • Can I have a guest stay with me in my Room
      No. We operate a no-guest policy and No guests or relatives are allowed to stay overnight.
    • Are the rooms Air-Conditioned
      Yes.All the rooms are Air-Conditioned. AC bills will be divided equally between the room mates and charged extra according to the units shown on the submeter installed. Every room has an extra submeter installed for AC readings.
    • How can I cancel my Accomodation
      One month adavance rent and a same amount as deposit is required to secure your booking. Your deposit is refundable if you cancel your booking according to our cancellation policy. Cancellation Policy: The student may cancel their booking (by giving us written notice of cancellation) 30 days prior to leaving the PG. If this is followed accordingly, there will be no charge and we will return the deposit in full to the student.
    • Can I ammend my Booking
      Yes, modifications are possible, subject to availability. Please contact us
    • Do you allow to cook in the Kitchen
      No.Since your accomodation is along with all the meals we do not allow you to cook any sort of food in our Kitchen. Though Maggi Noodles and Green Tea are allowed in Rare Occasions.