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Cooking is handled by professional cooks completely under the supervision of the owners, making sure that the food quality is hygienic and matches the finger licking taste of your mother’s kitchen.


We use the best ingredients available for best food quality for all grocery products, millk products, vegetables and fruits.


A non repetitive 7 day menu selected by the students on vote basis is displayed in advance in the dining area displaying the details  of all meals to be provided daywise.


Food served is 100% vegetarian.We do not serve Non Veg food.


While making the menu we also keep in mind, not only providing things which are easily manageable or cooked but  which has sufficient nutritious content also.


We provide “Desert” in a Sunday meal.(gulab jamun-halva of various kind-fruit custard etc etc)


We give our girls the opportunity of adding or removing a specific food item displayed in our food  menu by voting for or against it in majority.


Milk is served two times in a day. Butter Milk is served two times in a week.