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 3 Sharing room  :-     Room on 3 sharing basis will cost Rs 14000 per person per month.


 4 Sharing room  :-     Room on 4 sharing basis will cost Rs 13000 per person per month.


 5 Sharing Room :-    Room on 5 sharing basis will cost Rs 12000 per person per month.


ROOM RENT INCLUDES:-  Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner - Milk twice a day - Butter Milk twice a week  -  RO filtered clean drinking water 


Wifi broadband internet 100 mbps - Laundry (30 pairs a month)


AC bills will be divided equally between the room mates and charged extra according to the units shown on the submeter installed.  Every room has an extra submeter installed for AC readings.



One month adavance rent and a same amount as deposit is required to secure your booking.  Your deposit is refundable if you cancel your booking according to our cancellation policy.


Cancellation Policy:


The student may cancel their booking (by giving us written notice of cancellation) 30 days prior to leaving the pg. If this is followed accordingly, there will be no charge and we will return the deposit in full to the student.