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Security and Safety


At The Nest Comfort PG we pride ourselves on the relationship we build with our students.As the owners are based solely at The Nest Comfort PG, this gives us the opportunity to interact with and get to know each of our students.


We believe the relationships we build make for an enjoyable and memorable stay here and students are more likely to approach us for any problems they may have or just for a general chat. As we get to know our students well, we can offer help or direct them to appropriate sources if we recognize that they are having problems.


The safety of our students is always our first and foremost concern. It is for this reason that we have 24x7 Security Guards. We also have CCTV cameras installed in all major areas and a BIometric Attendance System.


The presence of the Owners and Security Guards ensures that the safety and peace of mind of all of our students is secure. As well as preventing any unwanted visitors and safeguarding the building.